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Kenya Coffee Beans

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Kenya Coffee Beans are one of the top coffees in the world comes from a place that people can hardly believe has any sort of natural export. The soil and sun conditions in parts of Kenya make for a particularly vibrant coffee with good acidity, a fragrant aroma and rich body. Typically grown and cultivated on elevated plateaus, they “AA” beans are prepared in such a way that most of their oils are perserved, along with all the flavour that goes with them. Typically, the soil is volcanic soil that is nutrient rich, and the beans are wet-processed once harvested. Get Kenya AA Coffee Beans from Canada at https://www.amazon.com/Coffee-Bean-Direct-Kenya-5-Pound/dp/B002GWHD7S/


  • Acidity: Low/Medium Acidity
  • Body: Low/Medium Body
  • Aroma: Medium Aroma


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