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Italian Soda Syrups

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Italian Soda Syrups have seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the rise of the Soda Stream, which makes carbonating your own water at home simple and affordable. There are a number of branded flavouring seltzers being sold in grocery stores like the Mio, that offer dozens of flavouring options. Unfortunately, most of them are low-quality and don’t make a very convincing flavour.

Torani Soda Syrup is one of the more popular brands of Italian Soda Syrups. With dozens of options of sugar-free and regular syrups, there are tons of options for fruit-flavoured Italian Sodas. While many flavours stand on their own – the Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Blood Orange come to mind – some flavours stand to enhance flavours they’re paired with. Coconut, White Chocolate, Peppermint and Pineapple all add unique twists to fruity flavours, sometimes exceeding even what a coffee shop offers in terms of variety.

Even hard-to-find flavours like Passion Fruit and Orgeat (ohr-zhat) can be found in Torani’s lineup. They can sometimes be found individually at larger online retailers, so that an entire case of 12 isn’t left sitting around for too long.

Of course, a soda stream isn’t required to seltzer-ize a bottle of water. Sparkling or mineral water can be bought in stores in a 2L bottle, or 355mL cans. The 355mL cans are the perfect size for making an Italian soda, with 1 oz of syrup required per can, combined with ice.

Italian Cream Sodas are another option – similar to Italian Sodas, half-and-half is added to enhance the flavour of some syrups. The creamy hue of the dairy can also serve to settle your stomach should it feel upset.

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