Crumb coffee cake as we know it today is a different take on cakes of the past. It has evolved so to speak from generations as far back as Biblical day honey cakes. Through the years there have been different ingredients used, or those ingredients have changed in consistency and availability. One ingredient that has… (0 comment)

Cinnamon coffee cake recipe conjures up images of sitting around the table chattering away with family or friends. Some purists believe that all coffee cakes must contain coffee like they did when they originated, while others consider any cake that is served with coffee to be coffee cakes. Whatever your opinion, you are sure to… (0 comment)

Blueberry coffee Cake recipe has to be one of my favorites. It is chock full of goodness while at the same time being absolutely delicious. It starts with the wholesomeness of a wonderfully delightful berry and these are combined with flour, butter, sugar and eggs, among other ingredients to bring out the beauty of these… (0 comment)