There’s a reason Juan Valdez likes the Colombian Coffee so much. This Supremo coffee offers a familiar taste from days gone by, warm, smooth and oh-so-flavorful. A full bodied coffee, our Colombian Coffee features large Supremo beans for an even and exceptional roast. Fair Trade Organic Colombian Coffee Beans can be found at: Properties Acidity: Medium Acidity… (0 comment)

Brazil is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world, which helps keep the price low. Don’t be fooled by the price though, this is one of the best coffees you can find, and makes a great daily drinker. Looking for Brazilian Coffee Beans from Canada? Check out Properties Acidity: Medium Acidity Body:… (0 comment)

Acidity – Contrary to how it’s used in other industries, Acidity actually doesn’t refer to the PH level of the coffee. Rather it’s how “bright” or “lively” the coffee tastes and is often associated with fruity-flavours. Body – Used to describe how thick or texturous a coffee is, which can impact how you perceive the… (0 comment)

Guatemalan Coffee Beans are known for their smooth, earthy flavours that linger on the toungue. With a slightly nutty aroma and taste, this is a safe coffee with almost zero bitterness. Properties Acidity: Low/Medium Acidity Body: Low/Medium Body Aroma: Medium Aroma   Gypsy Bean Cafe & Bakery… (0 comment)

Tanzania Coffee Beans (or Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee) come from one of the primere coffee-growing regions in Africa, just below Kenya. These under-appreciated beans are something everyone has to try at least once. Properties Acidity: Medium Acidity Body: Medium/High Body Aroma: Medium Aroma   Gypsy Beans Cafe & Bakery… (0 comment)