About Me

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Gypsy Beans Cafe &  Bakery is one of Bean Coffee Shop websites system!

I’m Richard Mongiovi is founder of Bean Coffee Shop. I love sharing my experiences and passion for cooking with others. I was raised in an Italian family, so gathering around the kitchen was always commonplace for me.

As a young boy, my passion for cooking was cultivated by watching and helping out my father, who was an executive chef. While I was attending a food trades program in high school, I was trained in all areas of cooking, and in baking. I also used my skills in several restaurants, including my uncle’s restaurant.

I hope to bring my knowledge of cooking to all of the home cooks who are reading my website. Although I’m retired from working in the kitchen professionally, I still want to be involved in the culinary field. Therefore, this website enables me to do so.

I hope that you enjoy everything that I have to share with you, and also, feel free to click on any of the links, or the advertisements that are of interest to you!

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]