Italian Soda Syrups have seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the rise of the Soda Stream, which makes carbonating your own water at home simple and affordable. There are a number of branded flavouring seltzers being sold in grocery stores like the Mio, that offer dozens of flavouring options. Unfortunately, most of them are low-quality and… (0 comment)

Kenya Coffee Beans are one of the top coffees in the world comes from a place that people can hardly believe has any sort of natural export. The soil and sun conditions in parts of Kenya make for a particularly vibrant coffee with good acidity, a fragrant aroma and rich body. Typically grown and cultivated on… (0 comment)

There’s a reason Juan Valdez likes the Colombian Coffee so much. This Supremo coffee offers a familiar taste from days gone by, warm, smooth and oh-so-flavorful. A full bodied coffee, our Colombian Coffee features large Supremo beans for an even and exceptional roast. Fair Trade Organic Colombian Coffee Beans can be found at: Properties Acidity: Medium Acidity… (0 comment)